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Conveniently located to serve the Greater Hartford Area, Farmington Valley and Southern Massachusetts.



Conveniently located to serve the Greater Hartford Area, Farmington Valley and Southern Massachusetts.


Radiesse Injections Correct a Number of Wrinkles

Developing wrinkles are an inevitability in our lives. As we grow older, our skin gradually loses elasticity which causes fine lines and wrinkles to develop. The production of collagen also decreases over time, so our skin becomes less firm and smooth as we naturally age. This is most visible on our faces and the back of our hands since they’re almost always exposed to the outside elements and there’s a lot of movement in those areas.

Nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, frown lines, marionette lines and smile lines are some of the most common forms of wrinkles that present themselves visibly on our faces. They start as fine lines and slowly develop into deeper wrinkles over time.

While we have yet to develop technology that can stop the aging process itself, we have definitely developed wonderfully effective techniques that stop and even slow down the signs of aging.

Correcting wrinkles nowadays is so easily done that it can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes. One of the latest advancements in the field is Radiesse®, a cosmetic dermal filler.

What is Radiesse® and How Does it Work?

Radiesse is a dermal filler that is used to treat wrinkles and deep lines, mostly around the nose and mouth. It has small particles called ‘microspheres’, which are made of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), suspended in a gel-like solution.

Calcium hydroxylapatite is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body. The solution is a carboxymethyl cellulose gel that is made of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, sterile water and glycerine. These are also all elements that occur naturally in our bodies. This means that Radiesse is essentially both non-allergenic as well as non-toxic since it is entirely biocompatible.

Radiesse treatments are done under local anesthesia at the doctor’s office. After the anesthetic is applied, the the filler is injected into the selected areas. The treatment process is around 10 to 15 minutes.

After its application, Radiesse initially acts as any other cosmetic filler would, i.e., it diminishes wrinkles by providing volume resulting in the plumping of the skin. However, after about 3 months, once the carboxymethyl cellulose gel carrier has been absorbed by the body, the CaHA microspheres stimulate the collagen in the body to grow, thus encouraging the development of new tissue. This provides an extended result that is natural and safe.

Results and Recovery

Patients can return to normal activity almost immediately after the treatment is over. Slight swelling is normal and should subside within a week’s time. There may be some bruising and slight discomfort, but these are also normal and can be managed with medication prescribed by the doctor if necessary. It is recommended to avoid any direct sun exposure for at least 2 days after the procedure. Results are immediately visible, but final results will be clear once the swelling subsides. Due to the stimulation of natural collagen production by the CaHA microspheres, the results of Radiesse can last up to 18 months in many cases.

Enhance Your Features and Get Rid of Wrinkles with Radiesse

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