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Conveniently located to serve the Greater Hartford Area, Farmington Valley and Southern Massachusetts.



Conveniently located to serve the Greater Hartford Area, Farmington Valley and Southern Massachusetts.


Does Your Skin Need a Super Photo Facial?

When your skin has multiple flaws that make you feel less than confident about your looks, you may want to try a laser skin treatment. Laser treatment techniques are varied and offer solutions for different skin problems. If you are aiming for a more youthful and flawless appearance then you may want to try out the Super Photo Facial.

Laser treatments like the Super Photo Facial have been in demand because laser beams can be precisely targeted. This helps them safely remove many small blemishes on your skin, such as age spots, wrinkles, and discoloration. For people who have struggled for years with acne scars and similar conditions, a laser treatment is a good solution.

The Super Photo Facial is a combination of two time-tested non-invasive techniques: non-ablative laser skin treatment and IPL photorejuvenation.

Non-Ablative Treatments

Traditionally, laser treatments involved a lot of downtime and were moderately painful. Today, more and more plastic surgeons are recommending gentler non-ablative laser skin treatments to avoid these issues.

Non-ablative treatments involve using laser beams to penetrate to the deeper layers of skin. At this level, laser beams will promote the skin’s own healing mechanisms to treat various problems, including wrinkles. The laser beams will help boost collagen in the skin, and this in turn gives the skin a more youthful look.

This is in contrast to the traditional laser treatments that worked on the outermost layers of skin, peeling away tiny layers until the skin healed and fresh new blemish-free skin formed on the face.

Because the traditional methods removed sections of tissue, they were more painful and involved plenty of downtime. Non-ablative laser skin treatment offers similar anti-aging benefits but without all the downtime.

IPL Treatments

Age and excess exposure to sunlight can cause your skin to look dull and carry uneven tones. You can improve the skin’s condition through Intense Pulsed Light treatment. IPL treatment can not only reduce sun spots, it can also treat redness and broken blood vessels on the skin. The basic principle remains the same as non-ablative laser treatments – it improves collagen protein levels in the skin tissues.

This treatment can also reduce the size of enlarged pores to make them less noticeable. As people age, large pores can become a major problem, and if you have a greasy skin type, the problem becomes even more difficult to control. Many patients feel IPL can reduce the greasiness of skin, although the results may not be as long lasting as for other types of skin flaws such as spots and redness.

Since IPL technology is very precise, it can help in eliminating tiny blood vessels that cause a veined appearance of the skin. To remove uneven coloration, including age spots, the light energy is used to target the melanin pigment. The pigments are dissolved by the energy, and this makes their removal from the body easier.

Ideal Candidates

If you want to eliminate wrinkles and minor scars and restore evenness to your skin tone, a Super Photo Facial treatment might be the answer. It can also help remove melasma, age spots, broken blood vessels, and roughness. As such, this treatment is recommended for anyone interested in overall improvement in their skin’s appearance.

Ideal candidates are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding. They should not have used Accutane within one year, and they should not have inflammatory skin conditions. Patients with skin cancer, thicker scars, or bleeding issues are not ideal for this treatment. It is also not a good choice for patients with darker skin tones.

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